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Updated Building Proposal:


The church council is presently working with an architect, in order to come up with a good and elegant solution for our congregation's educational and fellowship space needs. In the coming weeks, new drawings will be presented at a special meeting of the congregation. Watch the bulletin for the date and time of that meeting, and please continue to keep this process in prayer!




Why should we build?

Although this is a question that the congregation has answered, itís important to hold in our minds the reasons that members have listed as reasons to expand our present building:

 We need classroom space for effective teaching

 We will need more seating space in the sanctuary, if we see much of an increase on Sunday mornings

 We have no large fellowship space for special events in the congregationís life (receptions, etc.)

 Our present kitchen does not legally allow us to serve food on anything other than disposable plates (too small and unequipped for church use)






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