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This is the part of most church web sites where the pastor says some interesting and inspirational message, welcoming you to attend our worship services, and hoping that you will do so soon. Make no mistake– were you to show up on any given Sunday morning, you would indeed be welcome, and if you have no church home, or if you are visiting the area, or are simply wanting to see what’s happening in another part of the body of Christ– please do come and worship Jesus with us soon!

A bigger concern, however, is not whether you get to know the pastor better, but whether you know Jesus, and are learning to know Him better. Do you know Him? What does His name mean to you? What will happen to you when you die? What is the point of life in the meantime, until you die? These things are some of the biggest, most important things a person can struggle to know.

Speaking generically, you and I are both human beings. We have some things that might be different in our lives– but we have a great deal in common, simply because we are human. If you have the slightest interest at all in knowing Jesus, or knowing Him better; if you have any questions about Him, or the Bible, or the meaning of life –I cannot guarantee that I have all the answers– but I am happy to share a Bible passage and a thought or two. Please feel free to drop me a line at pastorphill@msn.com

Personally, I grew up in a rural part of California, about ten miles outside of a farm town of 150,000 people. (If you’re not from California, yes, there can be a farm town of 150,000 people.) I have a wife and three boys keeping my life interesting, and have been in ordained service for nine years. I came to serve at St. John’s in January, 2007.